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The Village of Golf Florida, also known simply as Golf, is a small town of approximately 542 acres located in the heart of Palm Beach County between Boynton Beach and Delray Beach. Founded in 1957, the Village of Golf was created with a vision of a golf community utopia, which is a vision that has been realized and exists as a reality today. The Village of Golf is predominately residential but also has commercial and agricultural zoning properties. The main shopping center of the Village of Golf is the Village Square Shopping Center, which contains quaint shops and restaurants, plus all of the necessary amenities to keep the Village of Golf self-sufficient. The Village of Golf is most-noted for its pristine landscape and gorgeous scenery, which is a quality that makes it one of the most desirable towns to call home in South Florida. In addition, the Village of Golf is home to the fourth-highest bracket of per capita earners in the United States, which sets it akin to the famed community of Jupiter Island. The Village of Golf is a gorgeous town to call home for its aesthetic appeal, strong community bonds, and of course great country club and golf amenities.

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Village of Golf
9 Country Road W
Single Family Residence
For Sale
ID: R10813222
Village Of Golf, FL 33436
7,487 Sqft
Modified - 18 days ago
11 Country Road E
Single Family Residence
For Sale
ID: R10770778
Village Of Golf, FL 33436
4,482 Sqft
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