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Hot New Bold Kitchen Trends

 The last few years saw the rise of the white kitchen. White cabinets, with some sort of light quartz or quartzite countertop, paired with a taupe or gray floor. While this look was light, airy, fresh, and inoffensive, it grew monotonous over time. Now, there are new looks that have a twist on the simple or mundane and offer a creative and exciting side to the kitchen trend.

1. Dark Navy or Black kitchens- Lighting is the most important part of making this look genuinely work. Do not attempt this if the area is small, has low ceilings, or lacks windows and natural light. On the other hand, if you're blessed with high ceilings and a great deal of natural light, this is a perfect bold look to go for. Pair with a simple white countertop, and you can even add a marbled white countertop to the island to complete this look. It's effortless, chic, and timeless, even though it is bold.

2. The Mix- The mix is a creative mixing of a light-colored wood and marble top or simple white quartz. This Scandinavian look keeps the kitchen light and airy without reverting to the simple white cabinets. The mix of materials keeps the look interesting and original. This works well in spaces where there may not be as much natural light, but you can also spice up your over-counter lighting to help with the ambiance.

3. Neutrals- This new trend is creative and elegantly mixes taupes, grays, and light wood, possibly incorporating a more marbled look for the countertops or island. The floor should also stay light and blend with one of the materials chosen above so as to not overwhelm yet another material. This is a look that mixes various materials well, so it would be hard to ever tire of this look or outgrow it.

4. Color!- The return of color to the kitchen has been fabulous. Whether it's mixing in some blue cabinetry to blend with light wood, adding beams to create a farmhouse, or rustic feel- all the way to adding in a bold hue such as hunter green to create a dynamic and fabulous look…. The return of color has been long overdue. It adds charisma, character, charm, or drama depending on the emotion the homeowner is trying to convey. The key to color is to keep the countertops very simple and light! You do not want it to feel dark or crowded.

5. White kitchen with color on the island only- This goes out to all of you who are not quite ready to part with the white kitchen trend. Many people feel that this may be the easiest option  to appeal to buyers for resale value. However, that doesn't mean you can't add any interest to the kitchen island. You can keep it simple and make the island black to add a bit of drama. Against the drop of an all-white kitchen, this can add a great deal of style, and it's easy to tie in the black with some dark handles or knobs against the white kitchen cabinets. Adding some black to the over-counter lighting could be another way to pull it together. Another trending color has been taupe. Again, a simple light color change on the island set against the white cabinets can add a bit of charm and style.

6. The backsplash- Last but not least is the look of a dramatic or bold backsplash. The mix of keeping white, taupe, or gray cabinets with a unique backsplash and allowing the space to remain simple and elegant everywhere except  the backsplash, makes it a statement piece. This often becomes a conversation starter for guests because it stands out and is something different that they do not usually see.

Allow yourself the opportunity to express yourself in your kitchen! Be creative, and don't shy away from something bold; choose the right kind of bold that best suits you.

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