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How To Add Southern Charm to your Home

Southern Charm Southern Charm

How To Add Southern Charm to your Home

We have all traveled to those beautiful homes with ivy covering the walls and wrap-around porches, where you can imagine yourself sipping iced tea on the patio. Southern charm adds a certain appeal to the home that feels both idyllic and relaxing. So what are the key touches that help add this style to the home?

Porch- If you can add a porch to the front of the home or already have an existing one, this is not only a statement piece but also an area to relax with the family or simply people-watch. This is the perfect spot to add some furniture, complete with rocking chairs or Adirondack chairs. Incorporating a bright color like yellow or red also completes the look. Another idea if you have the room is a hanging patio sofa. There are many durable rattan options that create a beautiful look and a cozy area to sit. A beautiful outdoor area creates more living space as well as adding curb appeal.

Shutters & front door- This is another opportunity to make a statement and add a charming feel to the home. A colorful shutter, like a mint green or black one to match the front door, helps complete this look. It adds an element of unique style to the home.

Plants- A simple way to brighten up the home's exterior and continue on the right path of adding charm to your home is by adding greens and plants to the front of the home. By adding window boxes, planters, and gardening pots to the entry of your home, you are completing the most essential part of staying true to this style.

Front door- when adding the planters underneath the windows, it is important not to neglect the front door. One option is adding a beautiful wreath to the front door that matches the colors of the plants in the window planters. The homeowner can often choose to create an artificial wreath that will last year-round. This can easily be changed during the holiday season to match the decor.

Entry to the front door is a special area that sets the mood of what to expect when you enter the home, so take advantage. This can be achieved with a railing around your porch or entry to the front door in a material such as black wrought iron that adds a bit of history and interest to the home. It could include something like a unique and old-fashioned door knocker on the front door or colorful old planters placed on either side of the front door. These small touches can truly complete the look and help you succeed in pulling off the southern charm in your home. Your guest will feel welcomed before they have even stepped foot inside!

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