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Sell Your Home QuickerThe South Florida market is hotter than ever, with many people relocating from up north, looking for desirable year-round weather conditions. South Florida weather creates opportunities to spend more time outdoors at the parks and beaches. However, before they can make the leap, homeowners must list and sell their homes. This brings us to what makes your home appealing to potential buyers. Most people don't want to invest a ton of money into a home they are looking to sell but invest just enough to get the maximum profit out of their investment. Here are a few simple tips on where we can start.

Curb appeal-  We all hear this expression, but sometimes people fail to understand the genuine concept of this. Working in interior design for the past 20 years, I have been to more open houses than I can count and have been on both sides of the buying/ selling process. Most clients feel that curb appeal means adding shrubs and plants. Of course, the landscape does add a great deal of curb appeal, but as usual, the less is more approach gives you the biggest bang for your buck. Trimming any overgrown trees, plants or shrubs helps more than just simply adding greens. Removing any areas of weeds and empty dead patches and replacing them with fresh grass also dramatically improves your first impression. Is there a neat pathway to the front door? Is the driveway clear and clean of weeds or stains? Remember, this is the buyer's first impression of seeing your home, much like a first date. Imagine showing up to a first date and your date has wrinkled clothes and messy hair. It creates an impression of a lack of effort. The front door does not necessarily have to be impact resistant, but is it freshly painted? Of course, in South Florida, impact windows and doors provide a massive upgrade, but some don't have this type of budget to invest.

  • Natural light- I can't tell you how many dark homes I have been in. Open the shades and drapes to allow natural light to enter the house. This will always make a space feel larger.
  • Less is more- This saying applies again, particularly to any personal items within the home. The buyer needs to be able to imagine him or herself living there. Put away all the photos and knick-knacks. Not only will this help the area appear less crowded and larger, but it will also allow the buyer to see a future in that home. Your kitchen counters should be cleared, cleaned, and as many things put away in general.
  • Upgrades- The most important question asked is what items are worth the upgrades to help sell your home and score the most important points with new buyers.

    New upgraded appliances- are always a huge plus.

    Kitchen countertops-quartz, quartzite / durable materials.

    Impact windows and doors- help buyers feel safer.

    Status of roof/ plumbing- the buyer knows where they stand for future repairs.

    Swimming pool- make sure the pool is clean, swimmable, and looks appealing

    Floors- make sure the grout is clean/the floors are clean or polished


  • Fresh paint- This is the least expensive yet most effective way to improve your chance of selling your home. A fresh coat of paint (in any neutral or light color for the interiors) helps the home feel fresh and new. Especially ceilings that may feel dingy or have any signs of humidity damage. This includes ac vents that are often forgotten and should be painted the same color as ceilings or walls to blend in. An ac vent should never be a focal point.
  • Fans & Lighting- Last but not least, this is an important area not to overlook. New, clean, and simple-looking fans always make the room more appealing. As for Lighting, many new energy-efficient high hats make the room look bright and attractive. Steer away from the high hats that appear yellow, making the room feel dingy instead of bright.

By following these few essential tips, you will not only be able to sell your home much quicker but also reap the benefits in your wallet! 

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